sarasota florida help with college application essays

SERC can help With Your College Application Essay.

Most college applications are due between January 1 and February 1, with some early admissions deadlines as soon as November 1. We all know how busy students (and their parents) become when school is in full swing in the fall. Good writing takes time, and now is the time to equip your child with the kind of honest, inventive essay writing that can make a difference in his or her bid for college admission.


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Attention Deficit Disorder (AD/HD)

The student's abilities are assessed and a program is designed to help the student not only academically but socially. We become their tutor and coach. We teach children to recognize difficulties in the classroom, teach organizational skills, study skills, and social skills as an integral part of the program.

We involve the parents in our program teaching them to understand their child and learn how to become their advocate. We also emphasize the importance of the student learning how to become their own advocate and to be able to manage their lives.

We offer two programs designed to help students with attention problems. The programs are: Cognitive Attention Therapy (C-BAT), and Play Attention.