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SERC can help With Your College Application Essay.

Most college applications are due between January 1 and February 1, with some early admissions deadlines as soon as November 1. We all know how busy students (and their parents) become when school is in full swing in the fall. Good writing takes time, and now is the time to equip your child with the kind of honest, inventive essay writing that can make a difference in his or her bid for college admission.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C-BAT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C-BAT) is a copyright program developed by John N. Marr Ph.D. Dr. Marr is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Arkansas where he taught for 25 years.

In 1980 he began work that led to the development of the (C-BAT) program. This program is only available in this area at Sarasota Educational Resource Center (SERC).

(C-BAT) was developed for children with attention deficit disorder (AD/HD). The program incorporates a "token economy" as a reward system to promote acceptable behavior in AD/HD students. By reinforcing expected behavior at regularly scheduled intervals, the students are taught to follow directions and stay "on task" for designated periods of time. To simulate the classroom environment, the students are exposed to varying degrees of distraction, and as they progress they must accomplish tasks of increasing difficulty and intensity.

During the 24-session program that requires 2 hours weekly, the student learns a variety of skills that assist in managing behavior. This is accomplished by teaching relaxation techniques, self instructional training (SIT), listing of positive characteristics, while incorporating their classroom instructional materials. An essential part of the program includes parent and teacher participation.

C-BAT can help those who have difficulty:
Staying on task
Following directions
The criteria by which we can measure improvements are:
Better memory and the ability to follow directions
More responsibility
Positive feelings of self-worth
Improved grades
Improved relationship with peers